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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Please see David Young's Blog

Please visit David Young's Blog for Sunday 25 February 2007.

It is a good photo essay on the issues of fault lines, water in the faultlines, and possible subsidence following extraction of water.

Also there is a an unusual report of a minor "tremor" or other subterranean movement which occurred, which apparently interrupted the flow of water from a bore, and resulted in a slurry of mud flowing from the bore. This apparently occurred after the very heavy rain, two weekends ago. My own opinion is that this was possibly water movement which was sufficiently strong as to cause audible sounds. After all, the weight of water which fell onto the hills of Trig Station Lane and East Kangaloon is truly enormous. The basalt hills are very porous, and a huge amount of water has soaked into those hills, which were quite dry beforehand.

Try your own calculations. You are dealing with astronomically large numbers - but it amounts to real weight, real pressure inside the earth, as such a huge amount of rainfall enters the groundwater.

Kindly see my previous article about "Fault lines under the Aquifer".

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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