Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, February 16, 2007

Robertson - after the rain.

Here are some photos - taken in the gully behind George's place. This was several days after the rain.

We had to gingerly find our way down into the gully, as everything was unbelievably slippery, and there was debris everywhere.

When I got to the bottom of the gully, I crossed the creek (slipped, and got my shoes drenched of course).

Then I went up the creek about 300 metres to a tiny waterfall, about 1 metre high, or just a touch more, perhaps.

I took several shots, at different speeds to give the smooth flow impression, and another at fast speed to "freeze" the droplets of water in mid air.


At the CTC in the afternoon, the weather had warmed up, and I found this drunken Common Mynah. How do I know? Well these birds are normally shy of my camera, this one had such a weird look in its eye, and was falling over.

But the real clue was that this bird was underneath the hedge of Cherry Laurels which the Flying Foxes had been feeding on earlier in the week, and the fruit are now over-ripe. When that happens, in warm weather the fruit naturally ferments. I have observed this with drunken bees and drunken Silvereyes, in the same circumstances, with normal fruiting plums.

The Cherry Laurels are a form of plum, and very fleshy fruit (although not sweet to my taste). But click on this inage, and look at its eye.
Then tell me - was it not away with the Pixies?



Anni said...

No doubt about it - drunk as a cuckoo (a Finnish proverb).

David Young said...

Nice shots of the waterfall Denis, especially the last one taken at high speed. It really shows the action of the water.
If your camera allows a double exposure try one with fast and then slow - you get the misty look highlighted with sharp action. Most unusual.