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Monday, February 12, 2007

Over twelve inches of rain in 36 hours

As I write (early hours of Monday morning) the total of rain reported (for Robertson) on the Bureau of Metereology's website stands at 277 mm - or just under 11 inches "in the old money". As it is still raining as I write, I am confident that by the time I wake, we will be well over the figure quoted. Also, there is always a delay in the reporting of the figures. So, in truth we are almost certainly over the mark all ready.

That is a huge amount of rain, in anyone's terms.

Robertson has recorded far more than Bowral, (a mere 30 Km away) which has only scored 70 mm. No doubt they are pleased with that, but it does not rate, up against Robertson's score. That is 2 and 3/4 inches (again "in the old money").

Update: The BoM site shows the last two days readings for Robertson as: 155 mm and 167 mm. As it started about 8:00pm on Saturday night, that is a total of 322 mm in less than 36 hours. That converts to 12.67 inches of rain.

Huge rain, and great for the environment.

Lots of water would be flowing down the creeks and rivers. Farm dams will mostly be full. The local basalt soil is very porous, so the run-off from Robertson is less than one would expect. But the water which soaks into the soil is not lost - it comes back out as springs and soaks, over the coming months. And that's what the district needs, as the springs were all drying up.

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