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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kangaloon Sun Orchid nominated as a Threatened Species

Kangaloon Sun Orchid
(photo: M Clements)
The Kangaloon Sun Orchid is a local Ground Orchid species which I have not yet seen. It has been recorded by botanists, at Butler's Swamp, Stockyard Swamp and the Wildes Meadow Swamp (which has lost 80% of its original area to become Fitzroy Falls Reservoir).
The photo is borrowed from David Jones's "Complete Guide to Native Orchids of Australia" (2006). Photo credit: M. Clements.

I have today lodged a nomination form with the Federal Department of Environment and Water Resources, for listing of this species as an Endangered Species, under the terms of the EPBC Act.

The main reason is that the SCA's Upper Nepean Groundwater borefield poses a direct and immediate threat to the main remaining habitat of this species.

Lets hope that the nomination is successful, and that it occurs before the SCA's pumping dries out Butler's Swamp. We might know more about the impact of this pumping, come November of this year, which is when this species normally flowers.

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