Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Never go anywhere without your camera!

Jodie and Howard
with Penny's Fungus
This ought be a blank entry, as I went out without my camera today, as I was going to visit someone, and found they were not home, and so went for a bit of a bush-walk, which turned into a 3 Km stroll through a patch of forest I had never visited before. The pictures belong to an earlier event - (12 April).

Top view -
a dark leathery cap

I saw a pair of Ground Thrushes (Bassian Thrush) (Zoothera lunulata) walking ahead of me, along the track. Nice to see them as they are such quiet birds (they call in the very early morning,
and perhaps at dusk). They are a large thrush, closer to the size of a Bowerbird than a Blackbird.

Side view of Penny's
Fungus -
a "Bolete" or
soft tissue, pore fungus
I also found a few interesting fungi, including a large, smooth-capped Bolete mushroom. It is not the huge-growing one
which Penny brought in from the farm a while ago (Phlebopus marginatus) (see photos), and which I took some photos of, one evening at the CTC (with the help of Jodie and Howard, some of our volunteers and Committee members). Today's Boletus was smaller than that, and not as yellowish underneath as Penny's huge one.

Eventually the track ran out, at a point where a deep gully crossed my path. The track is marked as going all the way through to Carrington Falls, but either I got lost, or the track does not really go through. I found myself facing a deep cliff-lined gully. about 50 metres deep, with a small but fast-flowing creek, and a series of small cascades (one would hardly call them waterfalls. But almost sheer walls stopped my progress. I shall have to get Jim to show me where I went wrong.

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