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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lena and her buddy, Buddy

Lena, with Buddy's "toy"
Lena has a boyfriend, a buddy, called Buddy.
She has taken to visiting Buddy as often as possible, either at his house in Bowral, or at his Mum's shop in Robertson, where Buddy hangs out frequently.

Buddy is quite a bit older than Lena, and he is normally pretty staid and he sleeps a lot. But when Lena turns up, Buddy gets quite "young" again.

Lena shaking the "rope"
and wagging her tail.
They wrestle, they tease eachother by playing with various "rope" toys, and mostly Buddy just tries to nip Lena near her mouth and ears, and around her neck, and on her legs, and just about everywhere.

She loves it, and constantly comes back for more.
She spends most of these "fights" lying on her side or back, because Lena is about twice Buddy's size.

Lena on her back, playing
with the rope toy
Because Buddy lives in a house, when he tries something a bit more "interesting", he gets scolded, till he stops that idea. Sometimes it is Lena who does the scolding, and sometimes it is his people who shout at him. Either way, he gets the idea, and forgets his other plan.
Above all, they are really good friends, and like eachother's company enormously.

Lena is tired, now!

Buddy has an issue with storms. He hates thunder and lightning, which is why there is only one photo here of Buddy. What?
Well, Buddy thinks camera flashes are lightning, and therefore, one flash means there is a Thunderstorm coming. Right?
So, as soon as a camera is produced, Buddy heads for his bed, climbs under the blanket, and hides there till everything is calm again. Poor Buddy. It is a shame, as he is actually quite photogenic, but he is ridiculously "camera shy" - because of the "lightning machine".

That's why there is only one photo of Buddy here. If you look, Buddy is checking out the evil "Lightning machine" (camera), prior to making for his bed.


Greg Chapman said...

Awww cute :)

Miss Eagle said...

So c-u-t-e. I take it that this is only a recent romance? Have they only recently met?

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Greg and Miss Eagle.
Nice to hear from you both.

Buddy belongs to Bernard and Dorothy, who have been working with me on the Save Water Alliance (re the Kangaloon Aquifer issue). So, the dogs have got to know each other over the last 6 months.

I thought, at first that Lena enjoyed bashing around a dog smaller than herself, but she has developed this techmnique of playing with him, while she lies down, and he runs around her, nipping at various bits, which she keeps moving out of his way. It seems to work for them both.

But they really enjoy a visit. Lena goes crazy when I drive over there, and Buddy get excited when we arrive.

Shame Buddy is scared of cameras, as he is very photogenic.