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Friday, March 13, 2009

Peter Garrett acts to save Endangered Species at Jervis Bay

Readers of this Blog have had the chance to see the endangered Leafless Tongue Orchid. Those plants were growing at a property near Vincentia, at Jervis Bay, known at the Heritage Estates.
I am pleased to be able to report that Peter Garrett, the Federal Minister for the Environment has today declared that the Shoalhaven Council's rezoning of that land cannot go ahead, as it would have posed a threat to matters of National Environmental Significance, specifically threatened species, as listed under the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity (EPBC) Act.

  • "Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has refused a large rezoning and development proposal near Jervis Bay on the New South Wales south coast because of its threat to wildlife.
    "Shoalhaven City Council proposed to rezone up to 1,200 allotments known as Heritage Estates near Vincentia.
    "The rural land was sold to investors in the 1980s, with the hope that it could be rezoned as residential at a later date.
    "Mr Garrett says he has decided that the proposed rezoning and development cannot proceed because of the unacceptable impacts on threatened species.
    "The development would have isolated the Boodoree National Park from important wildlife corridors that are critical to the survival of nationally protected plants and animals, he said.
    "Mr Garrett says he is aware a number of landowners were led to believe they would be able to build on the land despite its rural zoning.
    "He says in reaching the decision, he took into account the effect the development would have had on the surrounding environment.
    "[I] took note of what Shoalhaven Council put to me and also the submissions of landowners," he said.
    "I'm sympathetic to the situation that these landowners find themselves in but this has been a thorough and an open process. I've taken account of all the material in front of me."

    Source: ABC Illawarra News 13 March 2009

I wish to offer my congratulations to Alan Stephenson, Conservation Officer with the Australasian Native Orchid Society, and local President of the Illawarra Branch of ANOS, who has done so much to get these plants, and the property in general protected.

As a matter of fact, I was with Alan three days ago, with Colin and Mischa, when he showed us yet more Endangered Species on this particular parcle of land. It is indeed a valuable Natural Assett. More photos from that trip will follow, as soon as I can download my camera files.


mick said...

One piece of good news among a whole lot of bad!

tilcheff said...

This really is a good news, Denis!
There are so few of these recently that while I was reading it I felt like a battle of Good vs. Evil has been won :)
Thanks for sharing it with your readers!

Denis Wilson said...

Mick. You are excused for being a bit pessimistic. The oil slick is a really bad mess. Tonight they say the company will be made to pay for the clean up. How much is even one dead Dugong to be priced at, or 1000 Terns?
It is the bad news which makes this little win seem so special.
Thanks Nickolay.