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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Robbo Show - the big day

Saturday is the "big day" at the Robbo Show. The formalities of the "opening" (yes, I know it has been going for 36 hours); the presentation of the Robertson Show Girl award; the bike races for the kids; and the "Australian Championship Potato Race 2009". This is a really serious event, with great status accorded to the winner, not to mention the prize money of $1000, plus a $300 bonus for a local winner.

Here are the contestants for the Robertson Show Girl 2009. I am pleased to note the dress code is jeans. No bikinis here, folks. Jessica Maloney (wearing the blue sash) was declared the Robertson Show Girl for 2009.Here is Lucy, the daughter of a friend of mine, who was a contestant in the junior bike race. Here are the contestants in the Junior Potato Race.
This is the Face of a Winner
from the Ladies Potato Race.
This is Pat Pearse crossing the finish line as the clear winner of the
Australian Championship Potato Race 2009.
Matt Brown, our local MP, Member for Kiama, crosses the finish line.
Not a bad effort. Inset image shows the strain involved.
To watch his celebrations, you would think he was the real winner. He wasn't.
Earlier in the day, the tiny tots bike race was held.
This dual image (inset and full image) shows a proud Dad urging his little kid along.
Note that he did not assist the little guy - just urged him,
and was ready to catch him, if needed, at the end.And here is the result - one very proud Dad,
and the kid adorned with a Winner's Ribbon.
Mind you, he seems just a little unsure if it was all worthwhile.
No doubt about Dad's view, though.


mick said...

I like the one with the training wheels on the bike!

Duncan said...

Wot, no pictures of the cakes and other goodies Denis? Didn't they trust you around them? :-)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Duncan
It is too dangerous to play favourites with the cake makers! How could I show one cake and leave out the Jam makers, or the scones? The ladies might be nicer than the potato racers, but they are still competitive!
Hi Mick
That little kid was funny. He has positively grumpy, or exhausted, or something. It was touch and go as to whether he was going to burst into tears! But his Dad was pleased with his performance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Denis, Lovely series of photos of your local show. Pleasant weather, a good turnout of local participants; looks like everyone was having a good time... well except for that little boy who was perhaps a trifle overwrought!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Swampythings.
Overwrought is the perfect word. Poor little kid.I felt sorry for him, too.
Good observation on your part.