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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spotted Quail-thrush at Shoalhaven Gorge

Yesterday, I went to Tallong, looking for Orchids, and found, instead a Spotted Quail-thrush walking around the middle of the road. This was on the road in to Long Nose Point, where there is a dramatic viewing point, overlooking the Shoalhaven Gorge, on the edge of the Morton National Park. This is close to Bungonia gorge, but that place is visible from the next viewing point, at Badgery's Lookout. Click to enlarge this panoramic view of the Shoalhaven, from Long Nose Point.This image shows the watchful nature of the Spotted Quail-thrush (Cinclosoma punctatum). The pose is typical of this species, which is neither a Quail, nor a Thrush. Typically it has a rounded back, when walking around (hence its seeming resemblance to a Quail). But it has a long tail. It is a ground-dweller, which quietly walks around the forest floor. It has a preference for semi-open ground, under dry Eucalypt forest.This shows how readily the bird walks around. I was parked in my car, which I had stopped, then slowly rolled down the hill, very gently, toward the bird. These images were taken through the windscreen.
The bird was starting to lose patience with me, and walked off into the darkness under some Casuarina trees, and then was lost to sight.I have not seen this bird for several years, and that was in dry open forest, behind Moruya, on the South Coast of NSW.


mick said...

A great sighting - and you were definitely in the right place at the right time!

Gouldiae said...

G'day Denis,
That's a nice 'get' for a day when you went to find an orchid. Good to get one you haven't seen for some time, too.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick and Gouldiae
Thanks for not picking on me for my silly "typo" (now corrected). Title had said "Sotted Quail-thrush". I didn't notice till your comments came in.
They were just a few lovely quiet moments out in the bush - with me and the bird.
Photos not great - through the window - but clear enough for an ID, anyway.