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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Robbo Show

I have taken lots of images, as you can imagine, but right now, with the joyous chaos of the show receding slowly from my mind, I find some peace in reviewing these calm, and peaceful images from before the show. There will be more photos from the Show, over the next week.

Here is a rough composite image of the "Arena" as the Robbo Showground is known during the Show. Like all country fields, it is a multi-purpose facility. The Arena is marked up and roped off specially for the next morning's events.

Inside the pavilion, you can see the Robbo Show's pride and joy - the fruit and vegetables exhibits - Aisle 1.
And Aisle 2, with two more rows of local produce exhibits. The locals take these very seriously indeed.Here are some of the Cut Flower exhibits, with the stewards putting the final touches to the exhibits, making sure everything is neat, tidy and correctly classified. You can also see the sign proclaiming the 130th year of the Robbo Show.Some of the decorative floral arrangements, and novelty displays. These help encourage the kids to get into the spirit of the Local Show.
As her last official duty, as Chief Steward in the Pavilion, Katherine Wood is feeding the Bees in the "Active Hive" display. Fortunately, I am able to point out that Katherine is being "steadied" by Karen, another of the Stewards.A detailed shot of Katherine dribbling syrup into the top of the hive, from a spoon, to keep the Bees going, as obviously, they are locked within the hive during the show.
Katherine is thanking Wendy Allen for her work and assistance in preparing the pavilion prior to the show. Katherine was telling me that she was involved in local shows, from her childhood, in the Castle Hill area. She is a real "true believer" in community shows such as the Robertson Show. Wendy has been actively involved in many shows and competitions, mostly as an Equestrian exhibitor, in previous years. It was her first involvement as a Pavilion Steward, but she was very good at it, double checking the entry details, and writing up all the ribbons and certificates, as well as doing many other duties. She was a great help to Katherine.
And here is Leesa, the Show Secretary, about to see the last of the Stewards out the door, at about 9:30pm on the night before the Show opened.Go home and get a good night's sleep everybody - and we will see you before 7:00am tomorrow morning - ready for the judging of the Cut Flowers (the last items to be judged, because of the need for the flowers to be fresh), and all the Agricultural Exhibits, and the other activities outside, tomorrow morning.


mick said...

It all looks like a lot of hard work - but also lots of fun!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick
Well I am a believer in community, and being part of THAT is fun, I believe.
More to come tonight, and tomorrow.