Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, February 05, 2010

90 mm one day and 185 mm the next.

Yesterday I reported that we had had 90mm the day before. And I suggested that we had had more during the day yesterday.

Well, the Bureau's "Daily Rainfall observations" site reports 185 mm as of 9:00am this morning.

For the last 5 days it shows:
5.8 2.2 14 90 185

Cumulative total, over 5 days of 267mm (or 10.5 inches - in the old money)
That's a lot of rain.
But no-one is complaining, here.

You see we live on the tops of a series of ridges.

So the rain runs down hill, rapidly, and away from here.

Last night my brother and I sat in "Pizzas in the Mist" (which could have been re-named "Pizzas in the Rain") and watched the peak of the mini-flood rise and then fall, over a period that it took us to eat a very fine meal.

That's the advantage of having gravity working for you. The water arrives, but it drains away very quickly.

It's not like the rains which fall in the Murray/Darling which run out onto the flat country, and sits there. Our rains flow to the Nepean River and the Wingecarribee River, which supply Sydney.


mick said...

Enough to give your area good wash! And hopefully help Sydney's water as well

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick
Yes, we have had some run-off from Robertson. But strangely, there is more run-off from the sandstone areas below us than from Robbo itself, where the soil is so deep and so porous that it tends to soak in.
Still, it does refresh the springs, which feed the creeks, slowly and permanently.
It all helps the Catchment, eventually.