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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Has it been raining much in Robertson?

Has it been raining much, in Robertson?
No - its been pissing down!

We have had buckets of rain over the last 36 hours. Yesterday (until 9:00am this morning), we had 90 mm of rain (or 3 and a half inches in the "old money").
Today we had lots more rain, and enough to cause minor flooding in the village.

The Bureau of meteorology's rainfall reporting stations in Robertson are still not functioning properly. One is not reporting at all, and the other does not provide progressive updates (many automatic stations report on a 2 hourly basis).

As a comparative reference point, Fitzroy Falls Dam (about 15 Kms away) showed only 33 mm yesterday (compared to our 90), but another 52 during the day, today.

I am pleased to be able to say it has been raining over the Warragamba Dam catchment today too. (Click to enlarge the map).
As we had a mini-flood in the main street of Robbo this evening, at about 6:30pm, I would not be surprised to find our cumulative total for the last two days approaching 150 to 200 mm of rain. I will know tomorrow, when the results are published.

As a matter of interest, this is what Carrington Falls (our most dramatic local waterfall) looked like at 10:38 AM this morning. And as I have stated already, we have had heaps more rain since then.(Click to see larger file)
The locals are smiling, as only Robertson people can do, when it rains like this. They know this is "How it is meant to be".


mick said...

Lovely rain! Just so long as you don't get so much you all wash away. Have you managed to get another photo of the falls with the extra water going over or is it too wet to get out there?

Anonymous said...

Rain is still better than ice and snow, much snow here in Germany. The rain is good for the mushrooms (and other living things). Nature is so, you have too much or too little. Our idea of balance in nature there are always only for a very short time. But the animals, fungi and plants have adapted to it very well. Only we humans always complain. Especially the farmers, I have noticed.


Anonymous said...

PS: For example, a waterfall is always impressive. A few years ago I was in Norway inspect some large. If they are then fed by a glacier (with the green water) more impressive.

Greetings to Australia, Peter

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick
Unfortunately, my brother and I were too busy moving some building materials yesterday afternoon, to get back out to CF. It is 15 minutes drive, plus about 15 minutes walk to get the best shots.
The shot I have shown is in a pretty heavy flow anyway. Normally there is just a fraction of this water going over the drop.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Peter.
The farmers of Robertson are very happy about this rain - they know it makes everything grow better.
And the Sydney Fungal Studies Group will be very happy too, as they are coming here next month, to visit our rainforest.
I would like to see a glacial waterfall. We have no real glaciers in Australia (some small frozen lakes in Tasmania, over winter, but that's about all). The water in the river was a bit yellow/red, but it is not mud. It is coloured from the "Button Grass" in the "Hanging Swamps"

Russell Constable said...

Nice shot of the falls Denis. good to see you guys down there got a good soaking and it will keep the farmers happy....until they start complaining that its too wet!

Flabmeister said...


I think gravity is the same in Peru. Unfortunately there the folk all live in the valleys and the storms they have just had have wiped out a lot of villages. It also causes mudslides on the roads (a generous term) in the mountains, but a friend there said "it rains a lot there so the people are used to that".

Here in Carwoola theer was not so much rain as you have been having, but a few kms away Rossi had 150mm on Friday which caused some minor flooding and washed away fences.


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the waterfall Denis - I'm glad that you are enjoying the rain. We haven't had a drop for at least 5 days although the clouds build up in the afternoon and it looks like rain nothing heat and humidity is slowing us down a little!