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Monday, May 03, 2010

"Mosura" flew to my rescue

My Blogging colleague, "Mosura", from "The Nature of Tasmania" and "Lepidoptera of Tasmania" came to my rescue the other day with an answer on my little Ichneumonid Wasp.

Not only did he have clear illustrations to show the different wing venation between the Braconids and the Ichneumonids (I had linked to similar illustrations, but his were much better), he took my own (poor) wing image and traced out the venation, to make it clear (for me).

How generous was that?

I have decided to share this information with the readership, so they can see (quite clearly) how experienced persons work out these seemingly insignificant differences.

Wing venation patterns on Braconid Wasps
Source: Dept of Entomology, Uni of Minnesota Website

Wing venation patterns on Ichneumonid Wasps
Source: Dept of Entomology, Uni of Minnesota Website

My own photo, with veins traced in by Mosura.
His note to me was: "It's a bit hard to see the venation when they are folded up.I've traced over the main veins ( rather messily) and I reckon you will agree yours matches the Ichneumon wing."

I do.

You can clearly make out (now that he has shown us) the so-called "Horses head" pattern in the wing, and also the two cross-veins.
Easy, when you know what to look for.

Many thanks, Mosura.
Blogging is at its best, when it is a collaborative effort like that.


Mark Young said...

Thanks Denis, the post is very informative.

Tyto Tony said...

Well done, both of you!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mark
Thanks. Actually it is all credit to Alan.
Anyway, I know that the Dragonfly people use similar maps of wing veins to distinguish different groups, so there is a technique displayed here which might well be applicable to other insects as well.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Tony