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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Dharawal National Park - Community Launch Day

My photo album from today's Community Launch for Dharawal National Park is now ready for viewing.

Minster for Environment
The Hon. Robyn Parker MP
There are some crowd shots.
Sharyn Cullis (centre) and
Dr Ann Young (under hat)
 There are some photos of the bush near Minerva Pool.
Lovely pink trunks of Angophora trees

A lovely area, well worth preserving in perpetuity as a National Park.

Credit is due to the O'Farrell Government and the Minister, Robyn Parker MP.
(*** Regular readers might think I have "turned" - but "Credit where credit is due" seems appropriate.)

Thanks to Beth Boughton for driving us both to this event. It was a great day, and a good event to have been "a part of".


mick said...

It looks like a beautiful piece of bushland and well worth looking after. I hope that now it has been declared a NP there is also money to look after it in the future.

Denis Wilson said...

I also received another comment via email which has mysteriously disappeared from Blogger's system.
"G'day Denis

The problem with politics these days is not turning per se, but finding something to turn to! From my perspective it is very good to give credit when appropriate, since that provides a licence for a kick up the backside when that is due.


I agree entirely, Martin about the problems of finding something to "Turn" to, or for.

That's why I thought I will give the O'Farrell team credit for doing what Bob Carr promised and failed to deliver.



Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mick
Good point.
The Minister promised $1 Million.
Yesterday she commented that after making that promise, she was told she would have to "find the money". In other words, "savings" from within her own portfolio,
Trouble is, I suspect that will not even build the new track and "disabled access" lookout she has promised, let alone anything else, nor adequate staffing.
It is close to suburbia, which is great, but raises control issues, with Trail Bikers, etc.
Anyway, I wish them all well for the time ahead.

Denis Wilson said...

Brigid also wrote:
"Great photos. I particularly love the photos of the plants with special mentions for the banksia and the scattered leaves."

Thanks Brigid

Seems the Blogger's comments and notification system is broken.
Anyway I have copied your email here.