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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Protect Our Land, Our Water rally in Sydney

Rob, from
objects to Hume Coal
(on behalf of Korean company Posco)
drilling 120 bores through
the local aquifer
which feeds the river systems
which flow to Warragamba Dam

It was a great day of rallying from people from all over NSW, and even including some from Victoria and Queensland.

My photos from today's rally are now accessible via the Web.
it was such a big rally, I could only cover part of the many groups and their regional signs.

There are two albums

Apologies if people don't like the way they appear in my photos.
I have tried to be respectful with photos and captions.
Pls let me know if any images need to be deleted or captions amended.

Some of the Southern Highlands Coal Action Group people


Brigid O'Carroll Walsh said...

Denis, this looks like a great day out. The photos are great. I checked the SMH & DT to find coverage. The coverage looks reasonable. Do you think so, too? Seems to have been a good contingent from the Southern Highlands. Did they all train it down with you?

Surely, this rally must have set the NSW Govt back on its heels and brought into question the subject of whether the miners and the frackers have a social licence to do what they are doing.

Denis Wilson said...

Sadly, I doubt the NSW Government understands the concept of Social Licence.

Brigid O'Carroll Walsh said...

Then I reckon we ought to send Geoffrey Cousins to pay a visit - although now he is a Green perhaps they would rather show him a door than let him in one.

But as you will see from this link below Cousins would be able to dish it to them ... with a bit of intelligence attached.

Denis Wilson said...

We have spoken before about Geoffrey Cousins and Social Licence.
I agree.

JessT said...

A great cause and certainly looks to have achieved some great media coverage. The public needs to be made aware of the threats posed by coal seam gas mining. These great videos assist in doing this...

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Jess.
Good videos to help spread the word about the threat of CSG.