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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A final wrap-up from the Protect Our Land, Our Water rally

The NSW Farmers' Association, in particular, warrants enormous praise for "negotiating" this coalition of forces, not always an easy marriage, apparently. Hardly surprising.
Also, the Rally went of seamlessly. A little rowdy when Mr Stoner was speaking, but apart from that, a good humoured rally. Pretty amazing.

Fiona Simpson,
President of NSW Farmers' Association
The CWA was particularly well received by the Media and the public, as apparently it was their first ever "demonstration". As their own signs say, "Not just Tea and Scones". Indeed.
"Not just Tea and Scones"
The Country Women's Association.
More generally, congratulations to all participating groups, including (notably, as far as this email distribution is concerned) RiversSOS and the local Coal and CSG opponent groups, and the Nature Conservation Council, National Parks Association,  Wilderness Society. 
Kim, a founding member of our
Australian Water Campaigners group,
and the Shoo Cockatoo group.
A supporter of RiversSOS as well.
In my own list of photos I have attempted to identify the participating "regions" - from whence the various people carrying the signs came.
Southern Highlands Coal Action Group.
Such a clear message.
Love it.
Pat and Barry
RiversSOS members and NPA members.

Maureen, (from Victoria) and I carried signs on behalf of Bimblebox. Cannot say we made a huge impact (because the crowd was so huge) but certainly people were keen to ask "where's Bimblebox?" and "what's that all about?" At that point it was easy - mention Clive Palmer's and they understand. Clive's name really resonates with the environmentalists - its a great "sales pitch" (unfortunately).

Here are the major TV news reports.

Channel 9 -

Channel 7 -

ABC 2 (NSW) -

Channel 10 -

Ali Dee's photos. Possibly not accessible for everyone.

Two of my photos albums from yesterday.

Kate Ausburn's photo gallery (also a Facebook Album - so possibly not accessible to everyone.)

The Wilderness Society (NSW Branch) photos (mostly of their own team).

The NSW Farmers Association gallery

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