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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Robertson Project Space opens with Enrique del Val

Today Carlos Barrios's new gallery space "Robertson Project Space" was launched in style, with an exhibition of works by Enrique del Val (courtesy of Maunsell Wickes gallery).

Ben Quilty did the honours, very nicely, with a simple speech welcoming people and commending Carlos for his enthusiasm and his generosity in arranging this event, in conjunction with Enrique del Val. John Olsen was present and also spoke briefly about the vibrant art scene which is developing in and around Robertson. Anne Judell another award-winning Robertson artist was also present, as were many other local artists from Robertson, the Highlands and some from the South Coast, as well as visiting artists from Sydney.

As the event was very informal and relaxed, I decided not to intrude on the atmosphere, by taking snaps of the people at the Launch. Its not fair to snap people chatting, drinking, laughing, admiring the artworks on the wall, pensively or otherwise. Those moments ought be private and relaxed.

However I managed to persuade Enrique to pose in front of his self-portrait, at the Robertson Project Space.
The eyes are a clue, I think you will agree.
Enrique del Val with his self-portrait.
Enrique's exhibition is called (and I quote) "This Fucking Wonderful Thing Life".
You may view some of these artworks via his website, by clicking on this link.

The exhibition at the Robertson Project Space runs from 19 May to 10 June, at 31 Hoddle Street, Robertson, NSW.
Open by appointment ph: 0432 174 344
email: lutxaster (at) gmail (dot) com


Anonymous said...

Denis, thank you for such a frank account on yesterday's event.


Denis Wilson said...

Glad you are happy with the report, and photo, Enrique.

Anonymous said...

fucking beautiful mate!!!!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks, er I think.
My Blog will end up being X-rated after this.
OK - So be it.
I am but a humble observer (and reporter) of beautiful events, Art and People of Robertson.