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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Three Creeks Trivia team victorious in Burrawang

Another milestone, of sorts. 1600 blog posts, since I first started out in late 2005.

Tonight the Robertson Trivia team (variously known as the Three Creeks Caffe Grandees, or the Three Creeks Grande Lattes) won the Burrawang Annual Trivia Comp.

We had a close-run thing, and of course, we all were kicking ourselves (after answers were read out) for not knowing the name of the Captain Hook's Pirate Ship in the Peter Pan stories (the Jolly Roger - of course it was); and it was Banjo Patterson who was born in Orange in 1864.
Still, a win by a single point is still a win!

The hall was very hot, and very noisy - because of the fact that the event was so popular.
But Geoff Goodfellow was a good MC and there was not a single disputed answer all night.

Further to my post about footwear appropriate to wear in the Southern Highlands there was an unfortunate accident (a minor one, fortunately)when one of our team member moved his seat slightly as a woman was attempting to walk behind him. Muffled scream followed, and abject apologies, of course.

But I could not help observe that the lady was wearing open-toed sandals. In a hall full of maybe 300 people, that is surely asking for trouble?
And who, apart from me, looked at her feet at all, in the crowded Hall?
Steel-toed boots would have avoided a problem for her, and would not have looked out of place in the School of Arts Hall in Burrawang..


While on the subject of Burrawang and things that happen there, I sent  a message yesterday to my colleague Tim TheYowieMan, in Canberra. (though we have never met, we have shared correspondence). Tim is Australia's leading Cryptozoologist
The message was: 
Hi Tim
I heard a 3rd hand report last night of a
"Large Black thing - not a "cat" - had to be a Mountain Lion or Panther"
seen early in the morning on Burrawang Station Road.

antique print of The Black Puma
from Big Cats by Lizars.
Source: Wikipedia

So, if there are any Panther sightings in the Southern Highlands, please pass them on to me, and I will keep Tim informed.

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