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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, February 11, 2013

Eucryphia in full flower - in the mist

The local Eucryphia moorei (or "Pinkwood") is currently in full flower around the village of Robertson. It does not always put on a good show, but this year, it is doing so.

I have previously written about the finer details of this flower. Today I show the full flowering shrub.

A full view of a medium-sized Eucryphia shrub
It is about 7 years old (I planted this one).
It is now well over head height,
and nearly as broad as high.
In nature, the Eucryphia
can grow into a large tree.
This image shows the strong patterns
created by the leaves.
Botanically the leaves are described as
"pinnate, mostly 5–15 cm long;
leaflets usually 5–13
but often reduced to 3 on flowering branches".
Source: PlantNET
A brighter image
shows the large number of flowers.
Bees and Spinebills are attracted to the flowers.
It is closely related to the Tasmanian Leatherwood,
which is famous for the honey produced from that tree.

And this is the most which has stayed with us from the thunderstorms of yesterday, and has not cleared at all, today.

A view through the mist this afternoon.
The powerline stanchion
is about 400 metres away.

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