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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sows with ears cut off - released for hunting purposes

The Canberra Ornithologists Group (clearly a "greenie" oriented bunch of people), who are very experienced with being in the bush, has been hosting a debate on the NSW move to allow shooting in National Parks. Some of the recent comments have surprised me - some stuff I did not know about.
"Hunters have been known to release animals to keep up numbers. I was told of a pig hunter that releases pregnant sows into the bush so that there is a steady supply of animals to shoot. Apparently the sow's ears are cut off so that she cannot be brought down by dogs."

That comment was responded to today:
"‘earless’ sows are found in Namadgi (National Park in "high country" in ACT), obviously released by ‘hunters’. Pig hunters often have their own ‘territory’ and most know each other, so the temptation to keep ‘feral’ numbers at good levels for the pleasure of the kill is obvious. Pig hunters often disturb the pig poison programs in Nat parks, just by their presence, preventing pigs feeding at feed stations. Same with any activity there will be the good ones and the bad ones....but agree that not aware of any recreational hunting that has successfully significantly reduced or eradicated pigs, foxes, goats, deer etc. Feral control programs utilise many techniques, with shooting being near the end to clean up some of the stragglers (eg bait shy)."

I did a Google Search, and found the following.

Pig with ears cut off
Hunter Valley NSW

Comments borrowed from an international shooting webpage forum.
"My friend and myself were hunting pigs and my friend shot this one,at some stage he must of had some bad encounters with hunting dogs and then got away from them for this pig has no ears probably taken off by dogs it must have been some time back as the damage has all healed up."
Response from a Taxidermist from Florida: "Could hunters have cut the ears off?  You know those hunters that have no respect for wild life at all?  I know of a few hunters around GA (US state code for Georgia) that do stupid stuff like that.  I don't accept any work from people like that."

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