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Christmas Bells
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Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Corunastylis has been named after Alan Stephenson

Regular readers will be aware that I frequently go into the bush around the Southern Highlands and the Shoalhaven region, photographing Orchids, with Alan Stephenson. He is a dedicated Orchid enthusiast, and serves as Conservation Officer with the Australasian Native Orchid Society and the Australian Orchid Council.

His dedication to the cause of wild Orchids has been recognised by David Jones having named a particular Midge Orchid, endemic to the Nowra region, as Corunastylis stephensonii, The paper in which the Orchid has been described and named is published in the Australian Orchid Review, June-July 2013.
"Corunastylis stephensonii: A New Orchid Species from the Shoalhaven Region of South-eastern New South Wales" - by David L. Jones.

Those of us who are familiar with these plants which we have seen numerous times at Vincentia, can be relieved that now we have a proper name for these plants, rather than Corunastylis sp. aff oligantha or the unofficial "Vincentia Midge Orchid". It is now officially Corunastylis stephensonii.

Congratulations to Alan.

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