Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Carrington Falls - in the heavy rain.

Today my friend David Cooper accepted my request to accompany me to Carrington Falls in the rain.
I felt a bit of a "woos" (Urban dictionary - definition 1) in asking Dave to accompany me, but the path to the Falls is often wet and slippery, and the steps are a bit steep. So I felt reluctant to go there by myself. And anyway it is more fun to go there with someone else, and to swap second-hand stories about how high the river is reported to have been on other occasions, etc. Notably, that the Kangaroo River has been over the wooden bridge.

Today it was no-where near touching the bridge, but if there was a tree washed down that could easily cause the river to bubble-up and over the bridge.

My friend Rod McDonald has posted a brief video from the Bridge. Hopefully you can watch it.

Hopefully you can watch it.

This is my still image from the same spot.
Kangaroo River from bridge on road to Carrington Falls

Here is the full image of Carrington Falls.
Kangaroo River plunging over Carrington Falls
The roar was extraordinary.
The depth of the water at the very crest of the Falls
is the deepest I have ever seen.
The brown stain is from the Button Grass in the upland swamps.
This is the same view (hard to believe, I know)
taken on 21 January.
Note the large rock to the left of the two tourists.
That rock is clearly several metres high.
Today the tip on the right of the rock
(over the head of the guy in yellow)
is the point where the water
is backing up behind the rock.
Those people would be under water today.
Actually they could not possibly get anywhere
near that point, today.


Brigid O'Carroll Walsh said...

Fantastic pix, Denis. And how relieved I am to know that someone was with you. Smart move! The scene of the drop reminded me of National Parks tourism pictures of olden days! Have a good day!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Brigid.
Yes, I was very pleased to have company, for assistance on a slightly slippery path, and as I indicated, for someone to exchange ideas and impressions with.
Quite a day.
I have just read the rain gauge, and I got 158 mm yesterday, and a total of 331.5 mm over the last 4 days. That's 13 inches in "the old money".