Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, June 19, 2006

The insulating Nature of fog

After a straight week of heavy frosts, this morning was refreshingly mild.

We swapped frosts for a light fog, last night.

The fog insulated us, during the night, like a comfort blanket, so that for the first time in a week, we did not have frozen soil, and a heavy frost.

The fog over Robertson during the night, lifted early, and become a light cloud cover.

However, it left patches of fog in the local gullies, below the house.

Zoe was up earlier than I was (I did my patriotic duty, and watched the Socceroos play Brazil so I allowed myself a little sleep-in to compensate for the lost sleep).

Anyway, when Zoe first woke, there were nice patches of light fog down in the local gullies below our house, so she felt inspired to take some photos. These shots are all looking down over the road down to Belmore Falls, but they are local views, not distant views.

It was good that she took these photos early, as the fog burnt off very quickly. You can see that in this photo, the fog is already very light and whispy. Lovely morning light, though. The green hills in the background are the next ridge across from the ridge where I live. It is the hillside that Pearson's Lane runs along.

I shall upload them later on. I have been filling in for Zoe, on a Volunteer's shift at the CTC, at Robertson.


8:45 pm: Being true to my word, here are the photos. Sorry it took so long to put them up.

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