Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Nature of Gravity

Gravity will always win out in the end.

This wonderful old shed, in East Kangaloon, is trying its best to defy gravity. However, clearly its days are numbered.

What amazes me is the way in which this shed is leaning evenly, all the posts collapsing at the same angle. You could hardly manage to design it to collapse this way, if you tried.

The roof section is still horizontal, as if the roof is being lowered to the ground, ever so gently. Clearly the cross-bracing in the gable end has done its job, and is holding the whole shed together.

This is one of my favourite "rural views" in the Robertson area.

I just love looking at it, every time I drive by.

A symbol of the passage of time, and the Nature of Gravity.


Anni said...

Wonderful hut. I think it might have an elf or two living in it. This would explain why the posts are making such an effort to collapse in the gentlest way possible.

Denis Wilson said...

Elves? Possibly.
Do their houses collapse gently, as a matter of course? I do not think of them as being such benign creatures.

A very northern hemisphere explanation, I think. However, it is not the work of Wombats (no piles of red dirt around the posts). So, I like the idea.

Miss Eagle said...

I think this shed is going to be the Ettamoggah Pub when it grows up!

Denis Wilson said...

Yes, it looks sufficiently "drunken", doesn't it!

Leo said...

Hi Denis,
It's just collapsing according to the laws of geometry--- the roof area is a triangle, which is the strongest simple structural arrangement. triangles don't collapse unless they come apart. The lower area was a rectangle. Rectangles that collapse always tend to collapse into rhomboids (I think that's what that shape is called but memory is a fuzzy thing these days).

Of course that isn't as much fun as being held up by elf power, but there you go. Us cyclists are an unimaginative lot...

Denis Wilson said...

Cyclist Vs the Finns? Geometry vs Elf power?

Finns have an "af-finn-ity" with Elves, as Anni's blogs around Christmas time showed.

Imagination can be dangerous, in those long dark winter months,as Anni's recent post shows.

Happy winter solstice, folks.