Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Nature of being "back"

Well, I have been back in Robbo since Thursday evening. I made it back in time for Music Night at the CTC, of course. As ever, a good evening was had by all. A pleasant time amongst friends is a wonderful way to rejoin the Robbo community.

At left are some of the resident Musos, lead by Bone, on keyboard, with James and Niall, (and Melinda partly obscured), and Royce on drums.

However, since Thursday night's excitement, I have been taking it very quietly. Friday - a drive to Bowral to see the Doctor. The sole topic of conversation on the street was whether it was 1 degree Celsius, or 2 degrees. Not much to choose between, I reckon.

Saturday - another drive to Bowral to go to the big Plumbing supplies place, to get some hard to find fittings for my original 1930s style cast iron, pedestal handbasin. Too much driving for my liking. I am still a weakling, very much in recovery mode.

Today, I have hardly done anything, but I felt the need to "blog" to announce my safe arrival, or return. I am "back", but in a quiet way, I suppose I should say.

Back to Thursday evening's fun and games. Celeste, Steve, Jasper and "Dapto" had been looking after Lena during my absence. So, Celeste brought Lena down to Music Night, where a big re-union took place, as you might imagine.

Zoe likes the way that Lena's green eyes match her jumper.

Lucy, in the background of this shot, gave me a big bowl of chicken soup, to welcome me back. It was delicious, and a great welcoming gift. Thanks Lucy.

Of course, Lena got my nose with her long pink tongue, hence my reaction, at left. Click on the photo at left, to have a look at Lena's retractable tongue, on its way back in. It is a great "action shot".

Many thanks to Steve and Celeste for looking after Lena so well for me. I am advised that she did not "fret" at all, but just curled up on the couch, or on a bed, or on a lap, wherever she felt at home. That's Lena for you. A complete "tart". But she did give me a big welcome.


Miss Eagle said...

Loved the pictures of Lena and your great welcome home. What sort of pup is she? How she must have missed you. Perhaps she's not a tart. Perhaps she's just a well brought up woman who wouldn't offend her hosts and preferred to show how much she appreciated their hospitality and not show how much she missed you. :-) :-) :-)

Denis Wilson said...

Now I know you are kidding me!
She is well brought up (by me), but too direct and honest in her displays of affection for any "sophisticated" considertations of impact on 3rd persons feelings. She is a lover, that's all. And there ain't nothing wrong with that!
She is a very overly hairy Mini Schnautzer. She needs a clipping to make her look "picture postcard perfect". Mini Schnautzers do not shed their hair, so they need to be clipped regularly to keep their "look". The fact that they do not shed is good for people with pet hair allergies (Zoe).