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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Nature of the "August winds"

The August Winds are blowing.

Local opinion in Robertson has it that the "August Winds" might blow from July right through October. In that case, the word "August" should be interpreted as the classical adjective, not a seasonal (or monthly) descriptor.

The Macquarie Dictionary says: "august - adjective - dignified and imposing, calling forth the utmost respect; grand; majestic."

There is nothing dignified about holding one's hat onto one's bald head, I can assure you.

However, I can accept the "utmost respect" part of the definition. Certainly, in windy conditions such as today, it is appropriate to watch out for fallen tree branches, as one drives the country roads of the district.

I have not noticed whole trees down, just yet - that usually happens when these winds coincide with rain, which softens the soil, and loosens the roots.

Astute observers will note that these are Eucalypt trees, not Robertson's rainforest trees. Rainforest trees are mostly denser in their foliage, and greener in their colour. The crown of Eucalypt trees tend to be open, allowing wind to pass through easily. The young tree in the top image shows that characteristic well. The second tree has been pruned, and these branches are re-growth.

Today's images come from Welby, the very early settlement near Mittagong. It happens to be where the Road Transport Authority has its Southern Highlands office, where I had to go today to register my car.

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Miss Eagle said...

Here in Upper Gully, Herself says that everything seems to be a month early this year. Winter arrived a month early, and the winds of August have arrived a month early. She says that perhaps spring will arrive a month early! Miss Eagle has been whinging about the wind over a The Trad Pad at