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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Nature of a clear day

I am posting a "clear day" view, in response to Miss Eagle's comment from yesterday.

Foggy days are not good for Eagles - they get lost in the clouds, or like me, sit at home, waiting till they can safely spread their wings again, when they can see where they are going.

Today is half-clear, at least not raining. But I am posting a photo from the end of May 2004. It demonstrates my comment that winter days give the clearest views. You get less haze from the Eucalypt forests down below, in the Shoalhaven Valley - that blue haze which is so familiar to us Aussies. It is caused by the volatile oils given off by the Eucalypt trees. You get less of that haze in winter.

I am also posting a "glimpse" of Pigeonhouse Mountain, (you have to peer a bit, bit it is in the lower left side of the gap between the two tall trees - it appears as the very tip of a conical mountain). I can just see Pigeonhouse, on one of those clear, crisp winter days, from my new deck. This is taken using the full power of my long lens on my camera, with everything else cropped out. This photo was taken 2 weeks ago - on one of those clear winter days.

Pigeonhouse Mountain is 67 Kms from Robertson, according to the maps, so that's not a bad range of view. It stands out, very distinctively, above the coastal ranges, behind Ulladulla, well south of Nowra.

It is famous for having been one of the first landmarks on the Eastern Australian coastline, named by Captain Cook, as he sailed towards his landing point, at Botany Bay. I believe he may have named Mt Dromedary before he named this point. So, in terms of European history of Australia, it is perhaps the second earliest name, on the east coast.


Miss Eagle said...

Yes Eagles do prefer clear days. And though I haven't seen Pigeon Mountain my ancester on The Endeavour, John Gore, did. Thank you for the clear day pic.

Denis Wilson said...

My God, that makes you even "earlier" than those annoying "First Fleeters".