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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Nature of Children's Graves - bulletin 2

There is a lovely, elegant grave in the the Robertson Cemetery, where a child of 5 weeks and 2 days has been laid to rest. As with all children's graves, it is quite small.

This grave is moderately old (1925), and it is in a partially overgrown corner of the cemetery.

It is my favourite grave.

Stairway to Heaven?
The grave is covered with a series of moss-covered stone slabs, each one rising over the one below. There are just 3 levels visible, but possibly another is now covered by soil.

To me, this appears to represent a series of steps - possibly the symbolic "Stairway to Heaven"
(see Genesis 28: 10 - 15). This refers to Jacob's dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.

It is otherwise known as "Jacob's Ladder".

These days, the symbolism of "Stairway to Heaven" is totally debased, owing to the over-riding influence of the Led Zeppelin song of the same name, with very un-religious connotations. (see the full lyrics here).

Not everybody agrees with my interpretation, indeed some people think the slabs have sunk, naturally, over time. But I am convinced that the grave was built this way.


The text of the Headstone
loving memory of
Joseph Dixon
beloved infant son of
Thomas and Frieda
Died April 29, 1925
Aged 5 weeks & 2 days
Our little darling
has gone to


Miss Eagle said...

It concerns me the history that we can lose if we don't protect and cherish our cemetries. I know there may be more important demands on our money but I wish there was some sort of national fund to maintain headstones, and mend the broken graves.

Denis Wilson said...

I Agree.
Robertson has many broken headstones, and collapsed graves. The soil is unstable, the rain heavy, and the winds strong. A bad combination.
I hate seeeing the broken headstones, just lying in the dirt.

Anni said...

I understand the Robertson cemetery was in a bad way for years, which is when there was a bit of vandalism.
It is a bit morbid to have a favourite grave, but I agree with you Denis, that little grave with the stone steps is my favourite as well.

Greg Chapman said...

Hi Denis,

Gee, it is a shame how those children back then to these days that are preventable diseases. Do you know anyone that are laid to rest in Robertson Cemetry?

I am not sure of anyone there I know that is laid to rest there.

Anyway it is very important we look after these graves.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Greg,
I agree about the preventable illnesses. It is so sad to see these little guys go, as they did. They dropped like flies in those days.
I am "new" to Robbo, so I don't know people buried there. There are many local names, though.
Mauger, Missingham, etc.
Many graves have collapsed. Anni says vandalism. That is so sad.