Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bikers supported the "Walk against Warming"

Support from an unexpected quarter is always welcome.

(Photo credit: David Young)

At the end of our Walk against Warming, in Robertson yesterday, we lined up in front of the Community Technology Centre in Robertson, on Hoddle Street (the Illawarra Highway). We were facing a large group of Bikers. They were waiting for a break in the traffic, in order to make their departure in unison.

As they took off down the road, we waved our placards stating: "Ratify Kyoto Now"; and "No More Politicians Hot Air". The Bikers got our message, and noisily supported us by sounding their horns, and waving, as we, in turn, saluted them with the waving of our banners, orange ribbons, etc.

Thanks to the Get Up organisation for planning this national day of climate action, and also for sending us promotional material, placards, petitions to sign, and cool bumper stickers saying:
"An Inconvenient Prime Minister".


Margaret said...

Hi Denis,

This is a "Six Degrees of Separation" message. I arrived at this site via a link in a recent Botany Photo of the Day post
and thought, hmm, this chap might just know my Robertson friends, and sure enough, you've got Anni's blog in pride of place!

Andy (Anni's husband) is my first husband, so Anni is my wife-out-law, or something like that.

I'm delighted to hear that Robertson did its bit to save the planet. I definitely need an "An Inconvenient Prime Minister" sticker! Love your blog. I'll be back for further browses.



Denis Wilson said...

Welcome, Margaret.

Anyone who likes Hakea laurina is always welcome here (though I hope you also like Peonies and Old-fashioned Roses).

I shall see if I can get a spare "An Inconvenient Prime Minister" sticker for you, though they were a hot item, as you can imagine.