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Saturday, November 18, 2006

WANTED - Minister for the environment

What I want is Bob Debus to get on with his job!
He is the Minister for the Environment - he should do his job.

Regular readers will remember that I bemoaned the fact that he had announced his intention to resign, but still stayed on in the job - thus preventing a new Minister from coming into the portfolio prior to the next election.

But it has got worse, of course, since Mr Debnam decided to make his attacks on Bob Debus (on which this blog makes no comments).

In the second-last week of Parliamentary sittings, Bob Debus, is not doing his real job, but is fighting off attacks on his reputation.

Get on with your job, Bob.
Do what you are supposed to do, including protecting the Kangaloon Aquifer.

You have until the first week of January 2007 to make your mark as Minister for the Environment. Otherwise, you are just taking up space. The first week of January is the date declared by the Premier for when the Kangaloon Aquifer will start being pumped.



Leo said...

If your lot our like ours, the Minister of the Environment is not responsible for protecting the environment but rather is responsible for carving it up and distributing it to the highest bidders. Sorry for the reality check, mate.

Denis Wilson said...

Leo speaks the truth, unfortunately.

Obviously, Canada is more similar to Australia than we might think.

In this case the "highest bidders" are the people of Sydney, who, I was told must be kept "confident". I was told: "Sydney is the growth engine of the economy, of the State and of the Country - and if confidence fails (on water or anything else, presumably) the whole thing will fall over." I assume this was a "house of cards" analogy.

I would have thought I was being lectured by a Merchant Banker, not a Labor Party Member of Parliament. Or was it one of the characters from Alice in Wonderland?

Leo said...

Hmmm, an opportunity for Big Brother to diversify the engine into the rest of the country by halting the growth of the central blot. Too bad shortsightedness is so rampant.