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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Robertson helps save the planet

In cool, foggy conditions in Robertson, on Saturday morning, about 45 Southern Highlands district people (*) took part in the "Walk against Warming". They walked around the village of Robertson, carrying posters and placards, and wearing various bit of orange coloured clothing and ribbons, to symbolise their concern about the state of the environment, and particularly Global Warming.

This walk was part of the Australia-wide display of solidarity against an apathetic Government, which does not yet comprehend the damage which its inactivity on global warming issues will inflict on the planet, and specifically on future generations of Australians.
(Photo credit: David Young)

If you missed out on Saturday's walk, but still wish your opinion on this matter to be counted, you can go to the Climate Action Now! website, and fill in your details to "Put yourself on the map", to register your support for this campaign to tell the Government that you want them to take serious action now, to limit further environmental damage to the climate.

(*) On my calculations there were 30 adults, 15 kids (including Tilly, with a broken leg, who was pushed in a wheel chair, by Boney), and at least 5 dogs. It was a very "Robertson" event!
Some 30 adults at the "Walk against Warming" also signed a petition to the NSW Minister for the Environment, Mr Bob Debus, calling on him to use his authority as Minister for the Environment, to prevent the Sydney Catchment Authority damaging the environment by pumping water from the Kangaloon Aquifer.That pumping risks causing major environmental damage, by lowering the water table in the Kangaloon area. It also risks causing economic damage to the livelihood of local farmers as well.

The pumping of the Kangaloon Aquifer is the biggest environmental issue facing the Southern Highlands - owing to Sydney's failure to manage its requirements for water. The drought is making this issue worse than previously, but the underlying problem is the failure of Government to manage water demand, and wastage, in Sydney.

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