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Christmas Bells
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Nepean River water must not be wasted

The Nepean River is a tranquil stream as it leaves the green hills of the Southern Highlands.

Little does it know the battle which is being fought on its behalf.

The SCA is about to waste the precious drinking water which is found in the Kangaloon Aquifer, a mere 10 metres directly underneath this peaceful spot, just beside Tourist Road, in East Kangaloon - just a few kilometers from Robertson.

This environmental vandalism has to be stopped.

As a resident of this area, I feel we are trapped by the web of the Sydney Catchment Authority, like this pretty Damselfly. ***

Above left, is the Spider whose web had trapped the Damselfly.

Like the Damselfly, every turn we make seems to trap us more.
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Rumour has it that the report of the Community Reference Group is about to be watered down by the Chairman of that group, under pressure from the SCA. If that is true, it is a disgrace. So much for a supposedly independent representative body.

It is a move straight from the pages of "Yes, Minister".

Let us hope that the members of the CRG do not have to undergo the indignity of publicly fighting the SCA (or worse the Chairman) in order to demonstrate their genuine independence.

Hopefully, like this wonderful little Damselfly, they can extract themselves out of the web of the SCA "spiders".

The members of the CRG deserve our support.

*** Damselflies are closely related to Dragonflies, but they are distinguished by their "bug eyed" appearance - with widely spaced, protruding eyes. They also (usually) hold their wings closely folded along their bodies when resting. In this case, the wings have been caught in the Spider's web, and might have been damaged.
"Latham's Snipe"
Photo: Harris. COG website.
While waiting for Bernard Eddy and Richard and Andrew Jones to finish filming a story about the Nepean River, I walked along the banks of the Nepean River and flushed a "Latham's Snipe" (Capella hardwickii) a summer migrant to Australia, which breeds in Japan and north Asia in the northern hemisphere summer (our winter).
Postscript: This bird is protected by a Treaty with Japan. As a result it is protected under the Federal environment legislation, the EPBC Act. DJW 5.11.07

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