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Christmas Bells
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Friday, November 10, 2006

Robertson's "Walk against Warming" on the Net.

Well, we made it to the GetUp website.
(Photo by David Young).

Robertson is not just on my little blog, but we are on the GetUp website, along side other Walk against Warming reports from Sydney (40,000 people walked), Melbourne (40,000 people walked), Hobart (3000 people walked), Brisbane (1500 people walked), Canberra(2000 people walked) , Port Macquarie (130 people walked), Byron Bay 200 people walked, Rylston (NSW) , and Wollongong (1000 people walked). By the way Robertson walk is officially recorded as 45 people walked. As I said previously, I made it to be 30 adults, 15 kids and 5 dogs! But we did get support from the Bikers too.

Rylstone's walk seems to have been even smaller than ours. 5 people in the photo - no report of numbers, unfortunately. But like us, they obviously had a nice time. Good on them.

Where is Rylestone? I seem to think it is in the Hunter Valley or Mudgee areas. If anyone who reads this has ever been there - please let me know.
t is south east of Mudgee, in the Central Tablelands of NSW. Have a look.

Harriet has advised (see the comments section below) that Rylstone had 250 people "Walk against Warming". Well done them!


Harriet G said...

Good on ya Denis - wish I could have been there with you all! I've got a really good mate whose family is from Rylestone but am yet to go there... There is a note from Nell Schofield (no less) at the bottom of the GetUp page which says 250 people walked there after a street fair - so there ya go!

xx Hat

P.S. Got some good news yesterday will call for a catch up if our paths don't cross soon.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks, Hat
The Rylestone figures are indeed impressive. They weren't up on the GetUp blog this morning - there was some delay, apparently.

It is good to see us all up there on someone else's website, not just my own little blog. It all helps.

Re your PS: Good news is always welcome!