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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bright Moment in a freezing cold day

The wind was blowing ice crystals across the garden this afternoon. Some of them landed on the deck, for a few minutes. Not real snow, but close enough for my liking.
I went outside to capture the image of the large particles of ice making diagonal lines across the garden (unsuccessfully). But Lena came with me, and she stood there wondering why she had been enticed outside. Actually, she always accompanies me when I go outside, in case we are going somewhere, but alas, not, today. But she stood there, leaning into the freezing wind. At least she is adequately rugged up for it.She decided to pose for this image, wagging her tail, optimistically, while waiting for me to tell her if we were going in the car. (Another of life's disappointments for Lena.)
Then I went to check to the view to the south of the house, and noticed this male Golden Whistler, looking beautiful in the afternoon light.
He did not stay there very long, as he and his female companion were busy searching for insects amongst the open, deciduous trees and shrubs. You can see his wings beating, just as he starts to fly off - but his head and feet are stationary.
One bright moment on a freezing day.


Mosura said...

His wings are going full-bore but his feet are frozen to the branch :-)

Beautiful bird! They have been recorded in bushland which is contiguous with mine but I'm yet to see one here. (seen the in N.S.W,

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mosura
You have a wicked sense of humour - nice work.

Unknown said...

Well, it snowed on Mt Dandenong yesterday - down to 400metres so they say. I went out to 8 o'clock at St Thom's and then I usually go over to Quaker Meeting for Worship at East Ringwood - but no way I was even driving to ER. Just came home. Day got colder and bleaker. Some roads closed in the Dandenongs, so I hear, and people were warned against travelling anywhere that was susceptible to black ice. Stay home, the policeman said. Rained and rained all night. Bit of a lull now at 10.38am Monday but don't know if there will be a break. Still cloud low on the hills behind the railway station. Brrr.......

Blessings and bliss

Unknown said...

Another post: 11.20am, Monday.

Pop over to Belinda's Place and have a look at the snow on the side of the mountain at Ferny Creek just ten mins up the hill from me.

BTW may now be clearing somewhat. Still no rain, birds singing, cloud has lifted from hills. Will it last? The answer is...this is Melbourne!

Blessings and bliss

mick said...

I like the bird pics - but the description of your weather explains why the southerly wind up here feels like ice!

Duncan said...

That whistler's well fluffed up against the cold Denis. They're spectacular birds, always great to see.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick, Duncan And Miss Eagle
We squeezed some of the ice out of the sky, Mick, but the cold winds continued on their way north. Blame Miss Eagle, below Mt Dandenong. It seems to have started there, and blown north. Brrr!
As Duncan noted, the bird was indeed all fluffed out to protect himself.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Denis,
Good one. Duncan and I always reckon we've had a good day when we see a male Golden Whistler.
(PS: Glen loved the Lena bit)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Gouliae
I agree - the Golden Whistlers are gems of the bush. So bright (well, the males, anyway).
Lena liked the Lena photo too.