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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Do you get Migratory Waders in your area?

I have received this notice from "Birdpedia".
Just as well somebody is watching what the DEWHA is up to.

A Latham's Snipe at Kangaloon

This "Policy Statement" review will impact upon most major wetland sites in Australia, but particularly Ramsar Sites, notably the Coorong, and Lower Lakes, other wetlands in the MDB, and the Victorian coastline, especially Gippsland, and the Great Sandy Straits area, within the Mary River estuary, south of Fraser Island.

Please feel free to send this on to other persons who might be interested to comment.

Dear Shorebirds 2020 volunteers & friends,

The Commonwealth Government has been developing an EPBC Act Policy Statement for Migratory Shorebirds, to provide guidance in relation to actions that may impact migratory shorebird populations in Australia. An important element of this policy statement is the adoption of criteria to identify nationally important sites for migratory shorebirds in addition to internationally important sites, to increase the amount of habitat protected for shorebirds nationally (see pages 9-10 of the draft policy statement).
I would encourage you to take a look and make comments if required.
See the following Birdpedia Notice for full details.



Jo Oldland & Rob Clemens.

DJW note:
I found the links suggested by Birdpedia (within their article) did not take me where I needed to go.
This one will:
I would point out that not all "Migratory Shorebirds" are restricted to Australia's ocean shores. This is acknowledged in regard to the Latham's Snipe (only) in the relevant papers.

Public comments are now being sought from interested parties on the draft policy statement, particularly in relation to its usability and suggestions for improvement. We would also be interested in any new research or information on these 36 migratory shorebird species to contribute to future policy revisions.

Comments will be accepted until COB Monday 14 December 2009.

At the end of this comment period the policy will be finalised, taking into consideration any comments received. The policy will be updated as substantial new information becomes available.

Comments should be sent to:


Mail: Species Information Section
Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
GPO Box 787
Canberra ACT 2601

Fax: 02 6274 2875

This might be the required strategy for Snipe - FLEE!
Only sites where 18 Latham's Snipe of more gather regularly
are regarded as worthy of protection - under their proposed policy.

Denis Wilson


Snail said...

Thanks for bringing that to everyone's attention. Not as close to the sea here as I was in Mello, but there are plenty of wetlands in the area that provide a summer haven for waders.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail.
I am really Hoping that Tyto Tony and Barbara and Allan at Swampy Things read this post.
You were the last person on my list - living amongst the trees, and Tree Kangaroos, as you do.
However, I am really glad you appreciate the importance of these "reviews".
What worries me most is their seeming reliance upon statistical niceties, such as declaring that they will only take concern for areas where 18 Latham's Snipe gather. 1 to 17 are non-existent.
It reminds me of a Hitchhiker's Guide Sketch, or a Goon Show.
It is equivalent to the Aliens landing on Earth, and saying that they will only "count" those cities of more than 5 Million People - the rest are just too small, scattered and insignificant to bother with.
When will the Madness End?
It occurs to me that Snipe probably have more friends than Snails do - your friends get a bad press, or no press at all (save from your own work).
Nice that you care!

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Denis: I find it ever harder to frame considered responses to such matters. My starting point is the need to reduce human population. As we proliferate so too do environmental and ecological problems. We may win tiny skirmishes yet never even contemplate the real battle.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony
I understand your point completely, Tony, and agree.
You're obviously a "big picture" guy.
I did my (little) bit for population control and now try to help bring attention to the stupid little mistakes I see being made all around us. But they are only ever piecemeal solutions (well, would be if we ever win one).
That's fine, Tony.
At least you are aware of the issues and have recognised the problem(s) as real.
Thanks for your frank comment.