Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, November 27, 2009

Misty Skies and sunsets

Tonight I am showing some of the atmospheric events of last week.

As you will know, Robertson is prone to rain, mists and cloudy skies. But the sun has to set every night, hail, rain of shine. This gives some interesting "light effects" in the afternoons of late Spring evenings.

Here is the first glow of pink in a misty sunset.
I love the way the hills are sequentially hidden by the mist,
revealing the distances involved.As the clouds grew heavier,
I had to adjust the camera to capture the image.
The green fields are positively glowing.

By way of some variety, here is an image of a lovely Common Fringe Lily (Thysanotus tuberosus) which I saw when out looking at the Greenhoods and Onion Orchids of Tourist Road, Kangaloon.
And now for a sunset coloured by low-level smoke in the distant Shoalhaven Valley, from a fire below Bundanoon. This occurred on Wednesday evening.

I was rushing for Choir practice, but when this sky coloured up, unexpectedly, I could not resist waiting to try to catch the light. Note that the upper level sky is clear. You can see several thin whispy white clouds.

Suddenly, the thickness of the clouds overpowered the sun, and the light just faded to greyness. I turned up 5 minutes late for Choir practice, by Cathie, our Choir leader had seen the sky herself on the way in, and she understood why I needed to get the image.


mick said...

Definitely worth being a few minutes late for choir practice to see and photograph a sky like that. What music is the choir practicing, please?

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick
It is just a very small choir of locals. Absolutely nothing fancy.
At the moment we are doing Christmas songs, but I refuse to sing Jingle Bells!!!
Still, we have good fun.
Some "rounds" and two part harmonies. That's as tricky as we get.

mick said...

It sound like fun! Glad you're not doing Jingle Bells!! I miss all that up here. I'm too far out of Gympie - and there doesn't seem to be anything like that around here. Oh yes, I should say - not the singing part for me - I'm a classically trained pianist and organist and got my enjoyment out of making beautiful background music for others to sing to.

Denis Wilson said...

Oh - we could do with you around Robbo.
We have a perfectly good pianist, but the more the merrier, I find.