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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Keep your nerve, Mr Turnbull.

Edit - Tuesday 2 December 2009.

This afternoon I received the following email from Malcolm Turnbull, MP, Member for Wentworth.

Thanks Denis for your email and very much appreciate your feedback!

All the best


Given that Mr Turnbull was deposed as leader of the Liberal Party this morning, I was amazed, but gratified, to recveive his reply today.

He has a reputation for replying to his own emails (personally). But even if he hires someone to do it for him, clearly it is a personalised reply.

I wish him all the best.

***** ***** *****

This is a copy of a letter I emailed to Malcolm Turnbull late on Friday evening.

Dear Mr Turnbull

You are entirely right to stick to your guns and not cave in.
The Liberal Party needs to have a policy on Climate Change.
In all seriousness, how could it not?

As Chairman of the Save Water Alliance, in the Southern Highlands, I still recall with great respect your decision to declare the Upper Nepean (Kangaloon Aquifer) Borefield proposal by the Sydney Catchment Authority a "Controlled Action" under the EPBC Act.

Indeed it is that which has prompted me to write to you on this other matter, as many of the local "movers and shakers" (who personally lobbied you on our behalf re the Kangaloon Aquifer) speak very highly of you.
You did well then, and I am convinced you are on the right track now.
You supported us then, and for what it is worth, I am supporting you now.


After all, as "Crikey" pointed out today, the policy you are defending now is pretty much that which you took to the last election, and which was developed under the Howard Government.

So what really were your opponents thinking, several years ago, when that policy was developed?

I conclude that they were not prepared to oppose Mr Howard (on anything).
Therefore, it is clearly not a matter of principle with them at all - but political point scoring pure and simple.

The Liberal Party cannot surely face the people without a policy on Climate Change?

Yours sincerely

Denis Wilson
Robertson, NSW 2577

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Anonymous said...

Hello Denis,
Trying the gaunlet to add a comment for the first time. Continue to visit for a recharge look at great images with lots of valuable info.
Glad to see the reminder message on the Aquifer much like the local Rifle Range which need to be kept in the mind of the pollies.
I had a look at your atmospherics at Cloud Farm on Thursday morning.
Cheers, Les V.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Les
Good to see you managed to lodge a comment, Les.
Thanks for that.
Re the Aquifer, Turnbull's decision was important to us, so he deserves some support, I think. Besides his current opponents are basically opportunists.
Glad you saw the Cloud Farm sky photos. It was extraordinary.
I wish to get some printed. I hope Steve (or you) could help me clean up the images slightly.
Do you feel "up to that"?

Tyto Tony said...

Agree Malcolm probably best of bad Oppn lot. But both sides almost all opportunist on ETS. Carbon Tax is what principle calls for.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony
I agree entirely re Carbon Tax.
Also "opportunists".
Rudd could not have hoped for a better result from CPRS - Wedging the Liberals.
But it will do SFA for Global Warming.