Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, November 06, 2009

Stegostyla testacea (a "Caladenia"}

Stegostyla testacea was formerly classed as a Caladenia testacea.
It carries the name "Honey Caladenia", but my nose is not sensitive enough to detect that, but it is said to be most noticeable on warm days (and I don't get a lot of those!). There are a number of similar species of Stegostyla (Caladenia), including Steg. hildae and Steg. transitoria (this last one reported by my colleague Gouldiae - from the Latrobe Valley in Victoria).

This shows the tendency of this species to carry several flowers on the one stem - unlike the early flowered Stegostyla species I showed before.
This image is not good, but I was trying to look inside the flower, to detect any marks on the column, which are just visible.These plants were located in Kangaloon, just on the side of Kirlkland Road, where the Illawarra Branch of ANOS had permission to enter, from the SCA. Many thanks to them for that.

They were growing in dense closed Eucalypt forest on loose grey sandy soil, over sandstone. They were not growing in the open habitat along Tourist Road.

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