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Christmas Bells
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to Business - more Orchids on Tourist Road

After the bloodbath of the 2011 State Election, I personally take no satisfaction in the result. As Kristina Keneally said the voters did not leave the Labor Party, the Labor Party left them. Too true. In fact I would say I felt betrayed by the Labor Party.

Shame about the poor showing of the Greens though. Ben van der Wijngaart's vote actually dropped slightly to 8.9%, or 2885 votes, down from 2940 in the previous election. Sign of the times? Perhaps.

At least Matt Brown's vote drop was much more significant. He deserved it, in my opinion - for failing to support the local environment against threats to the local Aquifers, from the SCA's proposals and more recently, for failing to protect us against the threat of mining and Coal Seam Gas exploitation.  He is no longer our Local Member. 

Gareth Ward will be the new Member for Kiama. But he has shown no concern so far, for the environment. I cite his support for the Bomaderry Creek issue of the Jo Gash's favourite road by-pass right through this important Bushland Reserve.)
Enough of Politics - (for now).

It is comforting to get back to blogging about some of the odd little Orchids which are currently flowering along Tourist Road in Kangaloon.

Stem of Acianthus exserus flowers
 Here is a close-up image
Acianthus exsertus - close-up
 Here is another admirer of this flower, 
or rather an admirer of the insects
which are attracted to the flower.
It is one of the tiny "Flower Spiders" 
which spread webs on the flowers.
(Click to enlarge the first image above 
and you will notice the silken lines)
Flower Spiders generally pounce on their prey,
but they use webs as tracks
in order to take them out to the flowers quickly, I suspect.
Flower Spiders are frequently seen by Orchid enthusiasts.

Here is one of the little tan coloured "Tiny Greenhoods". 
This group of flowers is in the process (still) of being officially named. 
The main "type" is called 
Speculantha parviflora (formerly Pterostylis parviflora)
Speculantha sp. aff parviflora (small, tan form)

Speculantha parviflora - the true species.
Apologies for the layout problems.
Blogger is obviously having technical difficulties. 
Believe it or not, I started this Blog posting 10 hours ago. 
I could not control the settings then.
I have given up the fight.
Lets hope it is fixed tomorrow.


Flabmeister said...


As always great images.

I managed to blog OK this morning but didn't include any images in mine. On past occasions when Blogger has had a cow I have resorted to editing the HTML and eventually beaten it into submission.

We have also lost our local member (although I am sorrier about this than you) I have put a few thoughts about why this is is so on The House of Fran Mart.

In case the Greens wonder why people have deserted them they might like to reconsider their proposal (spelt out in our local paper by a member of their Upper House team)for an inheritance tax. Can they not spell the phrase "electoral suicide"?

Enough already!


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Unlike the situation with my local member, I have no personal animosity re your guy.
I was quietly hoping that he might have repeated the electoral miracle of your Federal guy, who improved his vote, against the trend as I recall.
My HTML skills are not as proficient as yours. I did try to go in there, but I get lost in all those squiggles and < > marks.
I will give Blogger 24 hours to repair their sillinesses. That usually works.
I shall be interested to see your Post.