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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can't Eat Coal, Can't Drink Gas - reporting the event

Some people have been busy uploading their images from today's rally in Sydney against Coal Seam Gas. Unfortunately, my images are still inside my phone, as I do not have the Mini-USB (or is it a Micro-USB?) device I need in order to download a bunch of images. Hopefully I can get one tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, I will rely on links to other people's images.

This video is good - it shows the large number of people well, and with sound it presents the atmosphere better than still images.

These images cover the main part of the rally, although I am heartbroken I am not visible in any of images. ;-)) I guess that just shows how many people were present, that I could hide amongst them, all. By the way, the Banners and Posters are great, as often they show where the people are from. That's important.

It was a good natured rally, and its good for people from all across NSW and some Queenslanders (facing the front line of the same battle) to meet and share experiences.

Tim Duddy spoke well, on behalf of the Caroona Farmers. We wish him well next weekend as a candidate for the Upper Hunter.
Cate Faehrmann was particularly forthright in her comments - good on you Cate.
Bev Smiles gave a good rallying speech too.

It was good to see Rob Oakeshott there - the Federal member for Lyne, whose electorate includes the Gloucester area, which is part of the Manning River Catchment. Amanda was pleased to see him there, as I know she has been knocking on his door in recent months. Good on you, Amanda.

The Mudgee people and their neighbours at Bylong (and the famous "Costa" who told me he grew up in Bylong) were there today. Costa certainly looks the part of a genuine "Bushie" in the "Driza-bone". The Hunter Environment mob were very well represented. Good to see Colin and Julia there, and Lance Batey and Jan Davis and heaps more I did not know. The Gloucester/Stroud people were there, as well. Gloucester Shire Councillor Julie Lyford spoke very well. Rod and Robin (the GRIP team) and Amanda Albury were there as well.

Notable absentees? The Labor Party and the Liberal Party and the Nationals. Tells you something, I think.

But, for those who might be concerned about an apparent Green political bias in the crowd - yes, probably to some extent (but you have to remember who has offered the most support for the Rivers SOS and anti-coal mining movement over the last 5 years. But, for the record, it was it was definitely NOT JUST A GREENS event.

Rivers SOS campaigners were scattered throughout the crowd, (Caroline Graham and Betty and myself travelled up together on the train). We met Dave Burgess and Sharyn Cullis on the way to the event. Graham Brown spoke well, too, which is good as he has great "cred", as a former Coal Miner. He is convinced by Newcastle Uni research that alternative energy sources are available, and that the jobs created in "alternatives" would outweigh jobs lost in mining - almost straight away. Way to go, Graham!


Anonymous said...

Good to know that all went well, wish I could have been there & I think Wendy would have wanted to be there too. So a huge thank you to all who went and I hope you all know that there are many more supporting you that couldnt make it. Hopefully the pollies will start listening.. ooh and thinking too, rather than just nodding to mining companies.


Le Loup said...

Let's hope this does some good, not that I have seen public opinion overruling government greed as yet.
With wind and solar generated electricity available I see no other motive for using gas, coal & oil other than a greed for money. Certainly they are not considering the long term needs of the people & this planet.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Le Loup.
No policy considerations such as the Environment have barely flickered across the minds of the politicians.
Its all just accepted that if people want to dig up our resources, it is the Government's duty to facilitate that.
Thanks for your support and interest (Wendy too).

Flabmeister said...


Did I blink? I saw no coverage of this event in the online SMH nor (Canberra) ABC TV news.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
No! You did not blink - there was nothing on the ABC Telly.
ABC radio had a brief report, as did the On-line edition of the SMH but not the printed paper - not the "rural edition" anyway.

The Gas people seem to be relying on their own network

All (any) Media coverage is reported there, as well as amateur videos.

Welcome to the frustration of campaigners - when working against huge vested interests. They get at you by ignoring you.