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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Private land mining 'right' gone too far

The Illawarra Mercury has come out against the right of Coal Seam Gas Mining Companies to gain access to private properties in order to mine underneath private lands.

As they say: 
"It must be heartbreaking to be a landowner and suddenly discover someone has been granted a mining licence to mine your property without your consent.

"It’s even more disturbing when highly dangerous chemicals are sometimes used in the mining process, contaminating the water supply used for livestock and crops.
That’s exactly what can and is happening from Queensland to the Hunter Valley, the South Coast, Southern Highlands and all the way to Western Australia.

"And it is all happening in the name of exploration for the coal seam gas industry.
In the Illawarra, mining companies are seeking approval to extract gas from Darkes Forest, the escarpment behind Austinmer and from Shellharbour to Nowra and west to Berrima.

"The Mercury shares the concerns of residents, environmentalists and stakeholders worried by the rapid expansion of the industry and the controversial water-powered hydraulic fracturing or ‘‘fracking’’ method often used to retrieve gas.

"It’s time to take a step back. Governments and mining companies must be more transparent and forthcoming in providing vital information to communities and those affected by any future drilling." 
  • End of quoted story.

For the traditionally "pro-mining" paper like the Illawarra Mercury, this is an extraordinary shift of ground. They deserve to be encouraged, and even congratulated. You may go to this site and leave a comment (probably only for a short time).

To be sure there are other issues involved, such as destroying the drinking-water Catchments we all rely upon, but at least this is a start of a raised awareness of the damage done by CSG mining. 

The problem of Longwall mining cracking rivers might seem  a "bridge too far" for the Mercury, but at least this is a step in the right direction.


Le Loup said...

No, this is just not on! If they try mining on my property I can see that I would get into an awful lot of trouble!!!

Flabmeister said...


A pity they didn't adopt such a position a few months back. I doubt if there will be much traction for such ideas after Saturday (unless there is a hung Parliament, with the Greens, rather than Fred Nile, holding the balance).