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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Old Tractors at the Robbo Show, plus human "gig" race

These images are for Kirsten. Fancy going to Temora for good tractors.

Mind you these guys drive their own tractors, and might not let anyone else "play" on them, as apparently happens at the Temora tractor display.

The Berrima District Old Machinery Club members had their motor-powered tools, pumps and saws on display  all weekend, but the took their tractors for a lap of honour around the track too.
Local earth-moving contractor, 
Robert Randall on the McCormick-Deering
An early model Grey Fergie Tractor.

A very large yellow tractor (sorry - missed the name)

Another early Grey Fergie
An International Tractor
A Cane Tractor - a specialised high-lifted tractor
to drive above the cane.
Another Grey Fergie
"The General"
a bit of an oddity as it is a 3 wheeler.

Peter Vaughan (our local mechanic) 
on an Allis-Chalmers Tractor.
Local Dairy farmer Brian McEvilly 
on a large McCormick "Farmall"

And now for something less "mechanical"
at least non-motorised.

Celeste acts as the jockey on a "gig"
And here is the full "horse" and "jockey" team.
  You might recognise the fancy trousers.
Same design as the shorts in yesterday's post.
Truly stylish, Bardy - long and short trousers - both truly striking.
Where do you get them?


Anonymous said...

hey very cool, but the ones I was playng on worked too and did a lap of honour with what I suspect were the original drivers lol. Admittedly some of the tractors had this strange non-standard part that consisted of an old SPC tin to catch the oil lol

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Kirsten
Well, the Bullock Team (even more ancient tractors) needed the SPC tin underneath them too, but a very large tin.
Glad you liked my Tractors, though.

Anonymous said...

My favourites are the old Fergies - the first vehicle I learnt to drive when I was about 12 years old......and I felt so grown-up!!
Thanks for the memories Denis

Denis Wilson said...

I love the old Fergies too.
Everyone does.
They are like FJ Holdens. Not much good, in reality, but RELIABLE. And that's what farmers want - something that will never let you down.
Glad you enjoyed the "memories".