Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Laughing Tree

This afternoon, while driving back from High Range I noticed this tree. It seemed to be laughing at me.
It just seemed to suit the moment.


mick said...

A nice way to start my day! Thanks!!

Roslyn said...

Love it!

Denis Wilson said...

Sometimes on needs a laugh.
And sometimes I need a quick post, so I can get more sleep!

Keith said...

Good post. One can find all sorts of animals and faces in trees. Just like you can in the clouds. But some people can't see them, not enough imagination perhaps. They miss out on a lot.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Le Loup
Yes, and they are featured in literature, too, as "Ents". Tolkein made them famous, but it is a very ancient tradition
Shame to think what people miss out on.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tree Denis, well worth a photo and a 'quick post'. We love trees in all shapes and sizes .... but you might have realized that!

Stewart M said...

I wonder why the brain evolved to see faces everywhere - maybe the differences are so subtle really that the brain over compensates and finds them everywhere!

Happy to see the link to my blog!

Cheers Stewart M - Australia

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Barbara.
Glad you and Allen share my view of interesting trees.
It's all in the way you look, or notice something, isn't it?
Fun stuff is good too.

Unknown said...

Classic Dennis!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mark
Glad you liked it.
We all need some light relief from time to time.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Stewart,
Yes, it is our imagination at work. Le Loup's comment is along the same lines, noting we see faces and shapes in clouds too.
No doubt some psychologist would tell us it is about children bonding with parents - facial recognition is a key to survival.
Thanks for the comment.