Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Green Hills of Robertson

The late afternoon light, two days ago, shows the green fields of the local farms at their best.

I am almost immune to noticing "how green" Robertson is.
But in this case, even I could not ignore this amazing light effect.

Lena had decided she wanted to go for a walk down the middle of the road, but as she is nearly deaf, I could not bear to just let her go off by herself.
She often does go for "walkies" by herself - but at night, to check out the Wombat activity. My street is quiet enough that I do not worry about that. Anyway, in the last analysis, she deserves to be trusted. I cannot control her 24/7, as the phrase is.

But this was in the bright daylight of late afternoon, and there were people around.
So I decided to follow her on her little excursion, to see where she was off to.

She went down through a patch of trees overhanging the road, had a few sniffs, etc.
And she went further than I had realised she likes to go.
She got down to the large powerlines I see from my back deck. 
I decided that enough was enough, and ran down the road, and caught up to her, "to turn her head towards home".

"He followed like a bloodhound on their track,
Till they halted cowed and beaten, 
then he turned their heads for home,
And alone and unassisted brought them back."
And this was my reward.
The brightest light imaginable,
and the best and greenest fields one could hope for.
The green colour was so bright that it almost hurt my eyes. 

Afternoon light on fields
along Missingham Pde

A young Sassafras Tree
growing out in the open field.

Looking further across the fields.
You can just see several roofs and a shed.
The light is different because of the longer view.

In case my "vista" looks familiar to you, this might be why.
The Movie "Babe" was filmed down the end of the road (where Lena was heading). Here are several "screenshots" from the Preview of "Babe" which is
available to view on the Web. (Courtesy of Universal)

Screenshot from "Babe" Preview
Looking across Bell Farm
towards the Cemetery hill.

Screenshot from "Babe" Preview.
The grass and the trees in the background
are just as I saw them the other day.
The Pig "Babe" was in the film"
but is no longer here.

The flowers are fake (movie props).
Post script: Not wanting to boast, as I claim no credit for all this greenness, but I send a special message to my Blogging colleague Martin, to say, this is what real Australian greenness looks like.


mick said...

Very green! Very beautiful! Very different from the gold color that paddocks usually look.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mick
Yes, the colour is distinctive, event he trees here look different from the grey-0green I was used to in Canberra>
But up your way, dark green is pretty common (rainforest patches, anyway).