Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Paradise Lost" - a selection of Botanic Works

Today I attended the opening of a display of Botanic Works of Art, by the Millennium Artists, a group of artists led by Jennifer Small. Their exhibition is entitled "Paradise Lost".

I know a number of these artists having been invited to take them of a field trip last Spring, when we went down to Tourist Road, Kangaloon.

Their work is very fine indeed. That is something of an revelation to me. When I took them out into the field, I am afraid I had no idea quite how talented and experienced they were. No doubt some of them thought I was patronizing in my simplistic explanation of botanical parts of the flowers, etc. It was only at the end when some of them produced magnifying glasses and hand lenses, that I realised they already did know their stigmas from their styles.

Their exhibition is on at the Bowral and District Art Society (BDAS) Gallery, which is tucked around the back from the Library and past the Police Station, at 1 Short Street, Bowral.
(Corrected - originally posted as Berrima)

I was invited there by Dr Cathryn Coutts, one of the artists, and a personal friend of mine, and a Robertson resident. I also met up with Helen Moon, another talented artist and who is regarded as their Orchid specialist, appropriately enough, as I know Helen from the Illawarra Branch of the Australasian Native Orchid Society.


Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed the exhibition. We have cetainly enjoyed our excursions with you and have learnt so much. You have NEVER been patronising. I'm sure the ANOS Illawarra members will get a giggle from my 'orchid expert' status.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Helen, for your reassurance.
I always enjoy showing the little things to interested observers, be they plant or ants or spiders, or fungi.
Wear your title proudly (at least amongst the Painters).