Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It has forgotten how to rain in Robertson.

Five mm of rain fell on 1 April, prior to that we have to go back to 17 March for the previous decent rain (64mm).
The country is starting to dry out.

And now the cold has set in.

Winter is coming.

After missing out on summer, I feel cheated.

We had two pleasant weeks of "summer" in Autumn.

Is that it?


Flabmeister said...


It is the same deal in Carwoola. We had a brief shower on Monday and that is all. The pattern is very similar to last year when we ended up with only 9.5mm for the month. However, the creeks are all running; the dams are full; and the groundwater will have been somewhat replenished.

I am wary of asking for more rain: we might get it.

We have had a couple of frosts over the last few nights, which is quite pleasing. The foliage on exotic trees is beginning to change. In other words Autumn is here.


Anonymous said...

So true.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin and Jane
Thanks for the comments.
Good to hear from you, Jane. I recognised Oscar's photo on your Blog. ;-)
Martin, I also stopped short of asking for more rain.
As you say, the sub-soil and dams are full.
But the little Orchids will need a top-up shortly.