Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

An Orchid Weekend - Saturday - part two

Further to yesterday's post, having left Mt Gibraltar (a.k.a."The Gib"), the abrupt mountain above Bowral we lunched at Lake Alexandra, Mittagong. Then we went walking, led by Christine, a Mittagong local and ANOS Illawarra member. She knows this area well.

We walked along a series of trails at the base of Mt. Alexandra Reserve. We stayed low down, near the creek, and did not attempt to go high on the Mountain (in my case, for reasons of energy conservation) and because there was plenty for us to see at low levels of the Reserve.

Acianthus exsertus - a pale (greenish) form
A much paler form than the ones seen on The Gib

An interesting Beetle with a purplish tinge
Possibly related to this Brown Leaf-rolling Weevil

An orange capped gilled fungus.(name unknown to me)
Peter, from Germany, tells me
this is a fungus of the genus Russula.
The species identification is not easy.
The most important feature is the color of spore dust."


Orange capped fungus (above)
turned over to show gills

Chiloglottis seminuda - typical two leaves of this genus.
This species has the glands (pseudo-insect)
on the upper half of the labellum only.
Pterostylis hispidula
Pterostylis acuminata
A cluster of Fungi
The same Fungi turned over to reveal the brownish gills
A Bullant which fancied "taking me on".
I backed off.
A largish silvery Fungus with brownish gills
I would normally regard this as a likely "edible mushroom"
except that the habitat is not where one would expect it.
As usual, if in doubt, do not eat it.
We made no attempt to collect this specimen.
A Dusky Moorhen in Lake Alexandra
Eurasian Coot standing near the edge of Lake Alexandra.

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