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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage Car display at the "Robertson Common".

The Robertson Common, adjacent to the Robertson Heritage Railway Station, was the scene of a great collection of "vintage" cars today.

The weather was pleasant, and a good crowd assembled and ate the caterers out of all their food.

Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves - car enthusiasts and the locals as well.
A very nice Classic Bentley
You've got to love a line up of Morris Minors
Judging by the Badge emblem
this is a very nice Chevvy Corvette

A fine early model Vauxhaul
Bonnet badge detail
A left-hand drive Ford GT 350 H
I assume this is an imported model.
Only 1000 made.

A restored Ford Utility

A 1949 Vanguard
My family owned a similar car
when I was very young.

A collection of enthusiasts vehicles
An early Mazda sport sedan

A classic Volvo sport sedan
Roger Moore (a.k.a, "The Saint")
where are you?
Hood ornament on the Chevrolet

A black Chevrolet

Grill badge for the Chevrolet - above
A red "Thunderbird"
A classic (if only because of the cartoon series)
But at least it is red one!

1960s Chevrolet
(See below to see the rear fins of this car)

Motor of the Crossley

An original (restored) Crossley

The Crossley seen from behind.
The 1960 Chevvy in the rear
(Seen 2 images above)
shows off the outrageous tail fins.
At least the horizontal tail fins were better than the
vertical ones much beloved of Cadillac.

A nice vintage hurse

A Mercury "Eight"

An enthusiast with a Jet Engine vehicle (a functioning model)
incredibly noisy when the turbine and after-burner kick in.

A shiny black Buick "Riviera"

A nice Ford Ute

A nice burgundy Merc, and my dirty little Daihatsu Feroza
which has now clocked over 300,000 Kms.
Does that make it Vintage?
Probably not.
Just as well, I would have to clean and polish it, then.


Snail said...

What fun! Nice to see a Volvo from a time when Volvos weren't the object of derision. (Maybe that's just me.)

Your mention of the Saint set me off trying to remember which TV character drove a VW Karmann Ghia. I was convinced it was one of the Saint's collection, until I turned to Wikipedia. It was Maxwell Smart. Missed it by that much.

Flabmeister said...

An eclectic collection of vehicles.

The old Vanguards were interesting in that they used the same engine as the Ferguson TE20 tractor. In the UK this meant they could be adapted to run on TVO fuel (ie kerosine) which was free of excise.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
The Vanguard is attracting attention.
Another person commented off line, fondly reminiscing about the Old Vanguard.
I knew it shared the motor with the old Fergie Grey Tractor, but did not know the excise free option. It was generally a comment used to explain its extraordinary low range pulling power. Also a good thing if you ever broke down out in the bush, as every old farmer knew how to keep "Fergies" running.
Funny, the least impressive looking cars - the Vanguard and the Morris Minors - are still crowd pleasers.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail

Unfortunately there was no Karmann Ghia there, but by coincidence I saw a canary yellow one on the road several days ago.
Very strange colour and not one I remember.
I once considered buying one, as I love the art deco look (as with the Volvo P 1800).
I don't ever remember Maxwell Smart driving anything - unfortunately. But the Karmann Ghia would "fit" his image.
Its funny how much interest these old cars attract.

Mac_fromAustralia said...

Love the restored Ford ute!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mac,
If you mean the really old one, I agree. Nice, and they obviously feel very proud of it.
My personal favourite is the red Mercury 8. Love the grill, but the overall style was nice - very "Art Deco".
Glad you liked these old toys.
You had the Italian Concourse d'Elegance recently, as I remember.
They really bring out the public and the died-in-the-wool enthusiasts (and the bloggers).