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Christmas Bells
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

1500th Blog Post - can this be real?

I feel totally depressed about something which ought be a cause of satisfaction.
My 1500th Blog post.

I started out with great uncertainty, and little ambition, with a blog on 26 November 2005. It was called "Odd little things which grow around Robertson". I have inadvertently deleted that post tonight (because I have still not got used to Blogger's "New Style" formatting. I hate it, and occasionally I make mistakes with it, as I did tonight).

Oh well, on to happier times, my "Blogging Milestone, or Millstone?" - my 1000th Blogging Post. At least some of my earliest work is stored and remembered there.


But tonight is my 1500th post, and all I can see around me is chaos and disaster.

Not me personally, (well - a little bit). But the state of the world.

Shooters have just been granted approval to hunt in National Parks.
And the Upper House debate concluded with the Leader of the Shooters and Fishing Party. Mr Brown MLC telling his Greens counterpart Jeremy Buckingham MLC it was unfortunate "I can't take you outside and beat you to death". 

Mr Robert Brown MLC
Has democracy come to death threats in the Upper House?

The NSW Government Planning Assessment Commission has just approved the expansion of a coal mine at Medway, near Berrima. It is known as the Berrima Colliery. This despite the fact that the PAC has admitted that:
  • "It means that the Commission is again faced with a decision as to whether to delay or refuse a Project until the required data are available for consideration, or construct an approval framework that will ensure collection of the required data, proper assessment of the options and retro-fitting of any actions required into the approval."
There is a local paper report in the Southern Highland News.
The press report, and the PAC determination overlook the fact that the Berrima Company has been discharging Nickel and Manganese into the River at levels far in excess of approved standards.
  • What is going on?
  • Has democracy come to this? 
My Blogging Colleague, friend and local Robertson resident, David Cooper wrote this blog this morning: "My Faith in Human Beings Has Been Rocked". In a sentence, it is about the fact that a motor Cyclist was killed in a hit and run accident, and the culprit, supposedly a truck driver failed to stop, failed to offer assistance to the injured rider, and failed to report the accident.
David, as a Motor Cycle instructor, is totally stunned. Appalled.
Quite right too.
  • What is going on?
  • Has Society come to this?


The United Nations is holding a totally sham "conference" to "celebrate" the achievements since the original Rio "Earth Summit", 20 years ago.
It is known as the Rio +20 conference.
Personally I still squirm at the memory of our erstwhile Environment Minister Ros Kelly using the "modern" technology of direct video broadcasting to send an embarrassing message to her kids, basically saying everything was OK, now that she and her powerful friends had saved the world.
OK, that's probably a jaundiced version of her message, but in hindsight, given how little has been achieved since, I am prepared to publish my version of events.
  • Should we snigger in scorn at "Environment Minister Ros Kelly (having told) the summit that Australia aimed for the stabilisation of greenhouse emissions by 2000, and a 20% reduction by 2005."
  • Or should we simple hang our heads in shame, for our failure over the last 20 years? Source.


Meanwhile, Clive Palmer and Gina Rinehart, BHP Billiton and many other companies are racing eachother to extract ever greater amounts of coal, to sell to China, India and Japan.
  • It is as if there is no tomorrow.
  • The way they are going, they might be dead right.


I had intended to post about the recent Fungal 
finds from Robertson Nature Reserve and Comerong Island, 
but I realised I needed to get some other issues off my chest.

I promise I shall return to more regular matters 
tomorrow and the days after.

A lovely small specimen of
Cryptotrama aspratum
as found on Comerong Island
at the mouth of the Shoalhaven River
Oh, yes, and Happy Winter Solstice to all my fellow Southern Hemisphericals, and Summer Solstice for our northern Colleagues.


Anonymous said...

Denis, The sun is a minor star in the universe but where would we be without it. The beams you started sending from your star on 26 November 2005 have affected at least 282,557 people, and much else besides. Methinks we shine for understanding, encouragement and intention, as much as for change. Thankyou, Thankyou. Tony Stokes

Flabmeister said...


A pity there is so much ungood in the world at present, but your efforts are pushing back at the bad guys.


mick said...

Congratulations on your blogging milestone and congratulations too on the way you continue to raise troubling environmental issues. Keep up the good work!

Tyto Tony said...

Cynic or swim, Denis. Hearts don't get much protection on sleeves.

Duncan said...

Well said Denis.

Michelle said...

Happy Winter Solstice Denis and thanks for the blogs - someones gotta do it, well done!

Brigid O'Carroll Walsh said...

Congratulations, Denis, on your blogging milestone. We have been blogging together for quite a while. I haven't kept up on milestones myself but have done a check.

I began with The Eagles Nest on 6 June 2005 and wrote over 800 posts at This blog is now closed but still available.

I then continued at The Network with 1246 posts at Then there are my other blogs as well. These are to be found by clicking on the tabs at the top of The Network.

We are on Facebook together but I have yet to convince you to begin tweeting.

You and I are living proof that social media is not the sole province of the younger ones.

I have made some wonderful friendships through blogging including you. With you, I have had some of my bestest times. Your expertise is invaluable to me and I frequently prevail upon your environmental knowledge, particularly in relation to birds and plants. And then you send through to me material which you think will be appropriate to my interests.

When we first started blogging you were not in good health ... but you have survived some very serious life issues. Your fortitude, courage, and survival are admirable.

And even now you are often to be found on your tummy in adoration - and gleaning knowledge - of ground orchids. Words fail me in this regard!

Above all, one has to commend you in your endeavours to familiarise people with the Creation around them - through your lectures and tours in national parks and through your blog as well as membership in many environmental organisations.

Anonymous said...

We can't change others, we can only change ourselves. If we demonstrate a good life, others may (eventually) watch and learn to desire the same and then follow. The alternative is too depressing to dwell upon for more than a moment. Keep up the good work.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks for your supportive comments, Gordon and Suesie.
Much appreciated.
I am coming back to more normal blogging, again.
Lots of Fungi shots coming up soon.
Love to meet up with you both some time soon.
My contact details (email) are on my profile page, or you can just add a comment as you have done today.
Denis Wilson

Denis Wilson said...

I really appreciated all the comments left on my Blog and my Facebook page.
Thanks for the heartfelt support, in some cases, over many, many years.
Keep up the good work folks, and show us all how full or joy and wonder your own patches of the world are, if seen through the right lens - an inquiring mind.