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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Hunting in National Parks - Press links

DJW Comment: From a Public Policy point of view, this announcement has been a disaster for Barry O'Farrell.

It makes him look as deceitful and unreliable as the Press Hacks like to depict Julia Gillard.
For a Conservative leader, that is REALLY BAD GOING.
  • "It’s not surprising – though it’s said to have come as a shock even to Premier O’Farrell – that there’s been an immediate massive and vocal public backlash against the government’s deal with the Shooters and Fishers. And it’s one which, according to Kevin Evans, chief executive of the National Parks Association of NSW, has “swallowed up” the issue – power privatisation – that prompted the deal in the first place."

    (Source Orange News Now 1 June 2012)

Wilcox cartoon - courtesy of SMH website

My personal assessment is that it reeks of something which the Nationals (who have always hated National Parks) have cooked up with the Shooters Party, to suit their joint interests. And Barry, nice chap that he is, has no idea of what he has been talked into.

He has just accepted what Andrew Stoner has told him will "work". Barry O'Farrell spent his early career (from early 1980s to 1995 as a Liberal Party "back-room boy" and so my assessment is that he has been outwitted by a more ruthless politician (someone supposedly on Barry's own side). That's the National Party for you.

One wonders who it was who drew up the specific lists of the Parks. Charcoal Tank Nature Reserve, just west from West Wyalong has had a 20 year bird banding study conducted there, and at no stage has any of the numerous bird banders ever seen any Pigs there. Several cats. No Pigs. Why on earth has that small Nature Reserve been listed for hunting?

O'Farrell rules out deals with Shooters

April 13, 2011 (last year, just after the Election - held on 25 March 2011).

Read more:

O'Farrell over a barrel as the Shooters take aim

Robert Borsak, your elected representative, with an
Elephant he boasted of killing, on Safari in Africa.

Sean Nicholls
April 13, 2011

Read more:

Judge for yourself:
This is what the Shooters Party told the SMH in April last year, they wanted.

Shooters Party "Wish list" April 2011

Power deal opens parks to shooters

May 31, 2012

Read more:

NSW National Parks and reserves
where hunting has been approved

What I first wrote on this topic, on my Blog.

Rangers slap work bans on National Park hunting

In the line of fire

01 Jun, 2012 04:00 AM

An Unofficial new Logo for NPWS?

Newsmaker: Shooting for the big time

June 2, 2012

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Advice warns of dangers of shooting in parks

June 2, 2012

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Farmers hope hunting plan will curb feral animal problem
Rachel Olding, Emma Oberg
June 2, 2012

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O'Farrell has shot himself in the foot

June 2, 2012

Read more:

NSW rangers angry over hunting in parks

PARK rangers are refusing to help the NSW Government allow hunters into national parks.

The NSW Public Service Association (PSA) said it has asked its members not to help with any activity involved with establishing the hunting of feral animals.

Rangers will also withhold information and expert advice from Environment Minister Robyn Parker and other members of the Government.

PSA general secretary John Cahill said the new law will put the safety of parks staff at risk.

"Our park rangers should not have to work in fear for their own safety," Mr Cahill said in a statement.

No Hunting in our National Parks


Flabmeister said...


The previous comments seem to have gone to the bit-bucket so here is their gist.

I had written to my State MP (Mr Barilaro, National Party, Monaro) expressing my objection to this insanity. I had also written to his predecessor Steve Whan, now a Labour MLC, making the same point and asking what the ALP was going to do to make the implementation of this less dangerous.

I'd basically urge all NSW readers to do do the same to their MPs and any MLCs they know.

You asked if you would be safe in your car. The answer must be "no" unless you are driving an IED proof Humvee these days. The sort of guns used to kill pigs, goats and deer are very high powered, They are the safety issue not bows and arrows or shotguns referred to by the journalist from Orange.

Of course safety isn't the only issue but since the Government obviously doesn't care about nature or the environment it may well be way to fight this obnoxious bit of Machiavellianism.


Denis Wilson said...

Spoke with a local Ranger today.
Interesting conversation.
He is fully "on-side", as one might expect.
Much of this is a long-standing antipathy against NPWS.
No surprises there.